• Image of Dr. Bonkers & Yung Ham (Anodized LE 30)

The Outsiders Series Part II
"Dr. Bonkers & Yung Ham"

"This Just In" The Doctor is Bonkers!! We have news that his fellow companion Yung Ham has just returned from a trip to space. This is the first time in recorded history of a primate making its way into the outer regions of our solar system. Yung Ham is home and reports with mind-blowing experiences of astronomical proportions.
Dr. Bonkers has done it again!! Restoring life with the help of Ham, one seedling that can benefit all of man kind.

Long live the generation of The Outsiders!!

Metal: 3D Molded, Anodized Metal
Dimensions: 3" and 2.5MM-4MM thick
Attachment: Three posts with rubber clutches
Numbering: Sequential laser printed to 30

Sold Out